by Teddy Blanks

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released February 3, 2012

Songs by Teddy Blanks
Cover photo by Jenny Hueston


all rights reserved



Teddy Blanks Brooklyn, New York

Teddy Blanks is a singer-songwriter who composed the score for Lena Dunham's debut feature Tiny Furniture. Blanks is also the co-founder of CHIPS, a Brooklyn graphic design studio. In 2009, he released a solo EP, Complications, inspired by the medical writings of Atul Guwande in the New Yorker. He will release his new album, Therapy, on May 7, 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Consider This Plea
Itchy legs
Pretty face
When we were cleaning your room,
I learned almost everything about you

Summer drags (oh, how the summer dragged on)
Such a waste
Found myself squished in between
what i knew that i loved and something sinister

Consider this scene:
Consider us starting clean
It wasn't so long ago
you would've considered me close,
and when we were diagnosed,
our love was everywhere

Shells in sand
In our peculiar ways,
we would present our bodies to each other

Cuff your hands --
I won't let you go
You better lawyer up, girl
You've been identified as a potential escapee

Consider this plea:
Consider forgiving me
Did it get so bad you couldn't
consider my vow?
Look all around you now
My love is everywhere

When your mind is racing
When your hair is tied
I will tear your knots out baby
You will come alive

Consider my word
Consider my vision blurred
Babe, we've got something so strong
normal rules don't apply
Consider just one more try
Just one more love affair

Consider my fear
Consider me grieving here
How much can one person lose
and be able to cope?
Consider reviving hope
Our love is just hanging there

Consider our dream
Considering each extreme,
are you really better alone
than when we were on top?
And when the beat is dropped,
love rings out everywhere
Track Name: Somewhat Hasty
Sunday night
Early 90s TV
You can hold me
if we can turn it around

We are made of
I can't swallow
You can't keep anything down

Everything you've ever dreamed of
flashing forward to your face
Brash and young and almost ready,
wave and spit and turn away

Don't you think you're being somewhat hasty?

Spreading thin
Secret places
I was there when
you thought you were gonna die

I still know you,
what controls you,
who consoles you
and helps you to make up your mind

Calling all the single ladies
Open up and break apart
Go and fly and do whatever
Take your body - leave your heart

Don't you think you're being somewhat hasty?

Hold me close, don't let go
We will slowly untangle
I swing left, you swing low
I wasn't built that way though
Blow your eyelash away
and wish for something someday
Or you could simply stay.
Or weren't you built that way?

Don't you think you're being somewhat hasty?
Track Name: Calamari
We are a dying breed in the last throes
We've misread
Beige and boring bodies in fine clothes
Great big heads
Now the whole institution's undone
I can be the adventurous one
We have been replaced
and it can't hurt to adjust to the variety

Seek out foreign faces
down with trading places
Brace ourselves for...

We can pour the liquor over our lawn
We concede the fire is turning us on
Now that we've set our houses on fire,
we have a mutiny to inspire
The whole world will embrace us
when we come to terms with the reality

Slap right into dreaming
Grind the greater meaning
We all scream for calamari

If we ever falter
Slide up to the alter
Bread and salt and calamari

Soon we'll all be seasoned travelers
Overcome our fear
Man i never knew how nice it was
this time of the year

Choke our inner demons
Claw our way to freedom
Speed of love and calamari

Speak to our advisor
This time we'll surprise her
Lies are fried with calamari

Slap right into dreaming
Grind the greater meaning
We all scream for calamari

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